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What makes you happiest?

It’s a struggle to know what really makes you happy. Our primitive brains are fundamentally ill-equipped to compute all our habits, achievements, aspirations and values. By keeping a log of how you feel while you feel it, Changes goes beyond your inner dialogue to discern patterns of mood and behaviour, providing evidence-based and non-judgemental insight into what it is that really makes you happy.

Where are you happiest?

Our moods are tied up with the places we frequent: our neighbourhoods, our homes, our workplaces; favourite bars, restaurants, parks, galleries; places that hold particular memories. By analysing your mood as it is recorded in particular locations over time, Changes builds a dynamic map that can reveal the places where you feel most at ease.

Should you change anything?

Changes helps you approach big life decisions scientifically by encouraging you to change one thing at a time and providing the tools compare your happiness before and after each change.

Discover Your Story

When we're too busy getting on with everyday life, the stories we tell about ourselves can easily become distorted and unkind; even if we think we know what makes us tick our memories are a notoriously unreliable narrator. By recording how you feel in the moment, tagging your journal and finding patterns within your data, Changes helps you to see the bigger picture of your life more clearly.

Keeping Your Journal

Keeping a diary is a great way to stay balanced and mindful about your happiness. Changes reminds you to keep up the habit and asks you how you are at a random moment every day. This helps you stay mindful and maximises the quality of your data at the same time.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality makes it easy to explore large amounts of data on a small screen. We start simple with just a camera and a word cloud. As time goes on you can unlock increasingly powerful tools.

Share Your Story

Sometimes you'll discover something so surprising and life-changing that you'll want to tell everyone. Changes lets you snap pictures of your insights and share them to inspire the world.

How does it work?

It's a mood tracker and journalling app where you record how you feel every day.

The app prompts you at random so you don't have to think about it - just say how you are feeling right now: happy, unhappy or just okay. You can answer on your phone, from the notification or from your Apple Watch. Use hashtags to quickly categorise your responses and write as much as you want in your diary.

You need to stick with it to get the most out of it and that's why we do everything possible to streamline this process, including a sprinkling of Machine Learning acting like a gentle tailwind.

My Privacy?

Your privacy is very important to us. Your data stays on your device and is automatically backed up via iCloud. We have an unusually clear privacy policy - even if you do agree to help us out by letting us enable analytics, we'll never see the text of your journal entries. We make it easy to export your data into your spreadsheet if you want, too!

Who are you?

Good To Hear is mostly just me, Michael Forrest. I built my first mood tracking app in about 2008 and I've been reaping the benefits and learning how to make better versions ever since. I've had some design and copy support on this app but otherwise I built and self-funded everything. If you'd like to know more, just drop me an email and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Available on the App Store