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Fast and simple mood tracking.

It's like sending a tweet, so you can keep tracking through thick and thin. No matter how busy you are. For years to come.

Entry Flow

Track what matters to you.

Build your own personal hashtag list to quickly say which of the things in your life make you happy each day.

Multi Hashtags

Why are random reminders best?

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Privacy is important.

This isn't a research study. You’re not our guinea pig. So we can’t read your journal, ever.

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The best mood tracker.

See how Changes holds up against Happiness, Daylio and the rest.

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Quick insights.

At-a-glance mood summaries based on location or hashtags.

Quick Insights

Augmented reality.

Break out of a cramped mobile screen to deep dive into your data.

Augmented Reality

Export your data.

Export in spreadsheet, JSON or database formats.

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Deep dive with spreadsheets.

Learn how to cross-reference your happiness with other things. Like your sleep, or money, or the weather.

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Make your first change.

Tracking your happiness is the first step to improvement. Once you have enough data, it’s time to make your first change. Then, keep tracking to see whether the change made things better or worse.

We’ve created a video that explains how to get the most out of the Changes screen in the app

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Need some inspiration?

Our blog has ideas on what you might change for the better…

  • Don't wait for a disaster

    We avoid making big changes in our lives, staying in abusive relationships or jobs we hate because we’re terrified of uncertainty.

  • How To Remain Grateful

    It can be difficult to stop and count the reasons everything’s brilliant when you’re late for work and rushing to get dressed and out of the door.

  • What Is Belief Hacking?

    Instead of letting beliefs control our lives, we can experiment with alternatives and measure the outcome.

  • More Blog Posts


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Available on the App Store

Available on the App Store

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App Store Reviews

Excellent tool, infinitely customisable This is a great App. I’ve been meaning to get into the habit of journaling for years and never been able to keep it going. The gentle ‘How are you?’ reminders have had the added bonus of bringing me back to the present a few times when I really needed to reflect on what was going on. I love the customisable hashtags for tracking what is important to me, and found the visual display of what I had been tracking suprisingly moving.
Kat.M – 10 July, 2020 🇬🇧
Super interesting app The app deals with a super interesting topic. I‘m looking forward to see my statistics
Drag0ndust – Mar 26, 2020 🇩🇪
This is a very useful app. great app , I love it.
yuki1986ap – Mar 10, 2020 🇯🇵

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