Just Calories

Calorie counting made fun

Calorie counting with no distractions. Whatever your diet or health and fitness goals, tracking calories is a huge part of keeping on-track.

Features of Just Calories
• Quick to launch
• Quick to save
• Track your progress with a playful physics-based data visualisation
• HealthKit integration so your goal increases when you exercise
• Data tracked here is made available to other apps via HealthKit
• Build your own personal library by saving your favorite foods for intelligent suggestions
• Get insights into your eating habits through a selection of charts
• Calorie calculator makes decoding awkwardly presented food packaging nutritional information easy
• This app does one thing well by avoiding unreliable barcode scanners, detailed nutritional information that you'll never look at or "helpful" blog posts between you and what you came to the app to do: track the calories you just consumed. With nothing slowing you down, you'll stick with the habit. Long term.

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