Good To Hear is Michael Forrest's company. Michael makes CueCam Presenter, Video Pencil, Shoot Pro Webcam and some older things you can see below.

CueCam Presenter

Teach, Inspire, Connect

Share your Desktop • Titles • Images • Videos • Audio • Eye Contact

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Shoot Pro Webcam for Mac & PC

If you're a streamer, you make videos or you just want to use your iPhone as a camera for video conferencing, Shoot is a simple utility that lets you mirror your screen with a camera feed unfettered by overlays.

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Video Pencil

Draw on anything with your iPad!

Camera • Photos • Videos • Screen Shares • iPhones • NDI Feeds

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Squares TV: Video, Audio, Live Streaming

Tools, technical help and inspiration for your online workshops, presentations and live streams.

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Changes - Mood Insights

Augment your squishy brain and make better decisions.

There are lots of self-tracking tools out there. With this app we help you take action; evidence-based self-help through data.

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Good Habits Daily Task Tracker

Jerry Seinfeld popularised the productivity mantra "don't break the chain!". Good Habits helps you do something every day, keeping track of your consistency as you go.

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Happiness Mood Tracking Journal

Mood tracking and journaling come with a range of beneficial side-effects, fostering mindfulness and self-awareness habits that we could easily neglect when caught up in the struggles of daily life.

The app is built for speed, simplicity and consistency. It's mood tracking for busy people.

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While I'm working on things I learn things. Sometimes I even blog about things.

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My name is Michael Forrest and I've been programming since 1986. I have been professionally creating and shipping software on all the best platforms for over 20 years. After assembling a new Rich Internet Application Development team at the global agency LBi Digitas I joined the Ubuntu Design Team. Following this I went from being Tech Director at Critical Mass to creating my own consultancy and app-shop Good To Hear working with corporates including Atkins Global, Barclays and RSA Insurance, a number of startups including Hotel Tonight, MUBI and Emoticast, as well as releasing my own smaller but award-nominated apps like Happiness and Good Habits. I also make music and stuff.

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I've delivered solutions to companies of all sizes over the years.

Specialising in rapid prototyping and knowledgable in design and user-experience, with the latest tools and frameworks I work fast and I deliver stuff that works.

Past Projects


  • "The standard of the work he delivered has always been exceptional, he would rather work harder than compromise on quality" Christian, LBi
    "All-around developer who ships more software than most, and understands user experience better than most" Gabe, MUBI

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