How to Guide: Word Cloud Visualisation

These How to Guides will explore the features of the Changes app. This time we look at visualising the data you’ve collected though making your journal entries. Visualising data in different ways can help uncover patterns and make insights. Read on to learn how to use the Changes app’s augmented reality word cloud visualisation.

Getting Started

First you’ll want to download the Changes app from the App Store, if you haven’t already.

Step 1

Go to the Insights screen and tap the 'Visualise' button.
Tip: You need to have made at least 10 journal entries to be able to use the word cloud visualisation.

Step 2

Tap on the white grid to place the visualisation. Your 3D word cloud is then placed into the environment using augmented reality. So what does the word cloud show?…The more times you include a #tag in your journal entries, the taller it becomes. By tapping the mood icons you can switch between #tags most frequently linked to positive moods (green) or negative moods (red).
Tip: If you don’t see the white grid, you may need to move your phone around to scan the environment.

Share or Save

You can share or save your 3D word cloud visualisation by tapping the camera button, and then tapping the ‘Share or Save’ button.

Learn More

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