Ian Mizon
29th Dec, 2020

How To Guide: Making Journal Entries

These How to Guides will explore the features of the Changes app. This time it's back to basics, as we look at journalling, which is an effective way to track your mood. Read on to learn how to use the Changes app to make journal entries.

Getting Started

First you’ll want to download the Changes app from the App Store, if you haven’t already.

Step 1

Open the app, go to the journal screen and tap 'Add a journal entry'.

Step 2

Type your journal entry. As you type, the Changes app will detect and set an overall mood. Alternatively, you can manually set the overall mood by selecting one of the mood icons.

Step 3

Here’s the clever bit…add multiple tags, each with their own mood; this will provide you with much more complex insights over time.
Tip: You can create new tags and edit existing ones by scrolling down and tapping ‘Manage tags’.

Step 4

Tap next to continue. You can add more details to your journal entry (if you want), then tap ‘Save’. Your entry is then added to the Journal screen.

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